sample Authentic nigerian flavours

all in small plates made for sharing - this is nigerian tapas.

Open-minded cuisine that combines art and food and draws it together with love.
— Secret Eats London

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At Chuku's food is at the heart of Nigerian social activity and with our Nigerian tapas we proudly embrace this tradition. Serving up small plates (“tapas”) made for sharing, at our restaurant socialising and eating go hand-in-hand.

Whether a traditional recipe or a Chuku’s special, all our tapas dishes are centred on authentic Nigerian ingredients. And with the pick ‘n’ mix nature of our menu, you are not limited to choosing just one plate, allowing you to enjoy a wider range of tastes and flavours from Nigeria. Simply pick and choose the dishes you want and we’ll do the rest. Whether hot or cold, meat or vegetarian, our tapas plates can be combined to make a full meal.

And the most common way to enjoy tapas? By sharing a selection of dishes with friends. From choosing what to order to enjoying your collective dishes, our tapas menu makes dining a truly shared experience. 

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Delicious food - so many vegan options!
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