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The Nigerian Tapas


Our Food

In Spanish culture, tapas is the name given to small plates of appetising dishes. Whether hot or cold, meat or vegetarian, these tapas dishes can be combined to make a full meal. And the most common way to enjoy tapas? By sharing a selection of dishes with friends.

In Nigerian culture, bigger plates of food are more typical but, eating and socialising still go hand-in-hand and there is rarely a social gathering without food.

At Chuku’s we draw on the social dining culture of both countries and combine the Spanish tapas serving style with our favourite Nigerian foods to bring you Nigerian inspired tapas.

From choosing what to order to enjoying your collective dishes, our tapas selection makes dining a truly shared experience. Whether traditional or experimental recipes all our mini-dishes are centred on typical Nigerian foodstuffs. And with the pick ‘n’ mix nature of our menu, you are not limited to choosing just one plate, allowing you to sample a wider range of flavours and tastes from Nigeria. 


The Chuku's Experience


×   Chop is Nigerian pidgin for eat. Our menu is a mix of traditional dishes and those with a diasporan twist. So, whether you’re new to Nigerian cuisine or grew up on jollof and eba, we’ve got something for you. And with our mini-dish tapas style, it's easy to choose all you fancy.

×   Chat is for the conversations that take place in our lounge. There’s no better way to catch up with friends and family than over food and our tapas are dishes made for sharing and socialising. And if you come alone, great! Our social setting is the perfect opportunity to get talking to someone you don’t know.

×   Chill is for our relaxed atmosphere - the much-needed antidote to busy London life. From the music to the décor, we offer a home from home, where you can kick back, relax and enjoy the best of Nigerian culture.

So, whether you pop in for an hour or spend all day with us, come down to chop, chat and chill.


Our Story

Chuku's is the creation of London born brother-sister duo Emeka (é-meh-ka) and Ifeyinwa (i-fay-in-wa). Having spent countless hours working together as kids to recite the whole script of their favourite film, Cool Runnings, they have teamed up again to focus on another of their mutual loves: Nigerian food.

Noticing the lack of Nigerian cuisine on the London “foodie” map, the pair decided to take what they know and love about Nigerian food and share it with the rest of the UK. But they wanted to do so with a difference.

Whilst living in Spain, where he spent many Sundays chilling with friends in a tapas bar,Emeka fell in love with the relaxed, social tapas dining culture. Just a couple of years later, Ifeyinwa moved to Martinique in the Caribbean and developed an appreciation for a slower pace of life than she had been used to in London.

Returning to London where everything, including meals, happened at an accelerated speed, the duo decided to slow things down. They wanted to create a spot where people could not only enjoy Nigerian food and culture but could also chill out, relax and enjoy each other’s company. And so, they set up Chuku’s to be the home of good food, good conversation and good vibes. Chop, chat, chill!



Upcoming Events

For reservations at our pop-ups, email and let us know when you want to come chop, chat, chill.

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