have you heard our cheeky siblings' story?

well, this brother-sister duo are our founders


growing up in a Nigerian household in East London...

....throughout their childhood, big brother Emeka (é-meh-ka) and little sister Ifeyinwa (i-fay-in-wa) noticed the lack of Nigerian cuisine on the capital's “foodie” map. Keen to share their heritage with schoolfriends as they got older, they patiently waited for that spot which would celebrate the flavours of their motherland and pay homage to the stories told by their grandmother. Having waited in vain, as they entered their twenties, they decided they would have to embark on their own mission – to share what they know and love about Nigerian cuisine and culture, making it accessible to people from all different backgrounds in the UK. And it with a twist!

Whilst living in Spain, where he spent many Sundays chilling with friends in a tapas bar, Emeka fell in love with the relaxed, social tapas dining culture. Just a couple of years later, Ifeyinwa moved to Martinique in the Caribbean and developed an appreciation for a slower pace of life than she had been used to in London.

Returning to London where everything, including meals, happened at an accelerated speed, the duo decided to slow things down. They wanted to create a spot where people could not only enjoy Nigerian food and culture but could also chill out, relax and enjoy each other’s company. Having spent countless hours working together as kids to recite the whole script of their favourite film, Cool Runnings, they teamed up once again to set up Chuku’s, the world's first Nigerian tapas restaurant and the home of the chop, chat, chill.

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