10 Lessons Startup Life Has Taught Us

Since launching Chuku's our sibiling duo have reached the quarter finals of Richard Branson's VOOM competition, won Virgin Media Pioneer's entrepreneurship award, and sister co-founder, Ifeyinwa, was listed as one of Elle's star female entrepreneurs under 30. In this post, they reflect on the lessons they have learnt since starting their entrepreneurial journey. 

1) The starting point of all achievement is desire. When you find it, let it fuel you because nobody will work as hard for your dream as you will. And nobody should. 

2) Unity is strength.

Emeka and Ifeyinwa.jpg

3) Dream big, start small. Don’t let the size of the vision scare you. Focus on one rung of the ladder at a time. 

4) Health is wealth. 

Emeka and Ifeyinwa at yoga.jpg

5) Build your business core first. It will take time but there's no point having a weak core and a big chest.

6) Work hard but have fun.

Ifeyinwa and Emeka in Ballpit.jpg

7) Life and business is a game of one percents. Aim to do a little bit better each day. 

8) Give thanks daily and celebrate the small wins. 

Kitchen Celebration Dance.gif

9) Focus is key to success and happiness in life.  Prioritise. Time is finite. Spend it on the important things and the important people. 

10) Be patiently persistent. 

And here's a bonus for you...

11) Plantain makes everything better.